Tea time

Tea time

Light meal

  • Peperoncino-like soup pasta
    (with salad)

    Using plenty of seasonal vegetables, I made pasta's royal road "Peperoncino" as soup pasta

  • Boiled French horn

    We finished the local "Ise Shima pearl pork" with boiled French style. It is an original French corner boiled bonito which can not be tasted elsewhere.


  • Kyushu pancake

    Add fluffy pancakes with seasonal fruits

  • Chestnut Zenzai

    It's a homemade sauce that you cooked thoroughly. With green tea without pesticide

  • Mikazuki Cake set

    Please choose your favorite cake.With drink

  • Ice cream

    • Ice cream (vanilla)
    • Gerrard (mango)

Drink Menu

    • ・Organic coffee
    • ・Organic ice coffee
    • ・Organic tea (Darjeeling · Ceylon)
    • ・Organic iced tea
    • ・Cafe latte
    • ・Wiener coffee
    • Organic orange juice
    • Organic vegetable juice
    • Mikazuki Special mix juice
    • Mineral soda

Access Map

Shima-shi Shima-cho Wagu 1654, Mie Prefecture

Regular holiday Tuesday
business hours time 10:00-20:00